Featured Member: Brittney Thomas

Brittney ThomasBrittney L. Thomas is Learning Commons Coordinator at the University of Iowa Libraries in Iowa City, IA. Brittney has been a CLS member since 2011 and is a 2013 ALA Emerging Leader.

What are you reading or listening to today?
I’m reading a young adult series by Rick Yancey. The first book is called the Monstrumologist. I’m a huge fan of gothic horror and Yancey has a way of making his stories come alive! There isn’t a lot of shock and awe in this book but you do get a delicious sense of dread and fear come over you as the series progresses! I LOVE IT!

What’s the best part of your work day?
My coworkers! I love what I do and the people I work with make me love it even more. We have accomplished a lot of great things by working together. As a relatively new librarian, my colleagues are my support team and my friends!

What are you most excited about right now (library-related or otherwise)?
I’ve been following the badging movement pretty closely. Badging can be a very useful tool for encouraging students to take ownership of their education and to recognize the different types of learning we experience on a daily basis, both inside and out of the classroom. My library has recently received a marketing grant to start a badging program and I’m very excited to get started. Collaborating on projects like this one is one of my favorite things about my job!

How has your membership in CLS helped you?
My membership in CLS has helped me gain insight into my career goals and has helped make plans on where I want to go in the future. Not that those plans ever work out but they are good guides. I have developed relationships with a lot wonderful colleagues through CLS and I hope to continue to meet many more CLS librarians! CLS has also helped me develop a sense of ownership for the profession. I want to help ensure that it continues to provide excellent support, opportunities and resources for college librarians everywhere!

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