Featured member: Joyce V. Garczynski

Garczynski_Joyce 0003Joyce V. Garczynski is Communications and Development Librarian at Albert S. Cook Library, Towson University, Towson, MD. She has been a CLS member for seven years.

What are you reading or listening to today?    
Rethink What You “Know” About High-Achieving Women in Harvard Business Review

What’s the best part of your work day?  
I love being able to help a wide range of people, from a student struggling with SPSS to another academic librarian parent who is also trying to manag1185511_712833105398809_1937476367_ne work/life balance.

What are you most excited about right now (library-related or otherwise)?    
Professionally I am most excited about a supportive Facebook group that I started for academic librarian parents. Personally I am most excited about reading to my two-year-old twin girls and watching them learn language.

How has your membership in CLS helped you?
My membership in CLS has helped me connect with other librarians and keep up with what’s happening in the profession.

Contact Joyce at JGarczynski@towson.edu